Yummmy Cupcakes

Posted: Oct 28 2009

The Cupcake ShopSweet, small and dainty. You may think I am describing my beautiful children, but in actuality, I am talking about my favourite treat – the cupcake! When it comes to cupcakes, I’ll give any excuse to sit and have tea with my girlie girls – they love them as much as I do. There is something about the colours, the little cake and extra bits, the promising cheerfulness they leave you with.

Not only do I love making cupcakes with my children, but have recently found one special shop around the corner.

My favourite discovery, The Cupcake Company, is located just a stone’s throw away on Kensington Church Street. It is truly a must-experience-destination for cupcake lovers in London! When I walk by I can’t help but peer in the window and gaze at the sea of frosting. I always end up picking some up for friends or even playdates we host.

The Cupcake Company just recently opened shop on September 21st at 132 Kensington Church Street. Owner, Megan Williams, built her business on passion and commitment to quality and taste of her cupcakes. Baked from scratch daily, Megan takes pride in the freshness of each cake, the first bite will take you instantly back to your childhood!

I have always thought cupcakes bring people together, I think this is why I love them so much! I am a huge fan and this is why The Cupcake Company is one of my favourite things!

And for instant gratification, my children and I love the recipe for Fancy Cup Cakes found in the Dumpling Dynasty Baking Kit.

Stop by The Cupcake Company in Kensington, it’s worth the trip!

The Cupcake Company
132 Kensington Church Street
+44 (0)7815 873 968

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