Getting Back On The Bike

Posted: Feb 25 2010

Back On The Bike

It’s been a few years (and a few kids) since I have been inspired to do anything athletically challenging. The last time I even attempted was for my wedding 10 years ago! The thought of that silk white dress accentuating every last problem area proved too much for me to handle! I couldn’t get on that stationary bike fast enough and as for my caloric intake, well I dropped that by half! I must say I did pull it off. My chest was even concave! There is nothing like a little panic and tissue stuffing to figure things out, right?

After three children, starting a business, many drop-offs and pick-ups, playdates and loads of school lessons later, I find myself a few extra 'pebbles' heavy and at a crossroad. I turned 41 this past summer and as usual, things just don’t fit as well as they once did. And I’ve realized my priorities as well as my perspectives in life have changed. It’s not just about that white dress anymore – it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and helping others especially those in need.

So, I am inspired, once again, to get back on the bike! But this time, I found a different, more rewarding goal to get me motivated. In a first attempt, I have decided to sign up for a charity bike ride from London to Paris raising money and awareness for Children In Crisis.

It is a rigorous bike ride being held in June 2010. Myself along with 49 other crazy riders, will be riding over 300 kms (approx 180 miles), averaging 100 kms (62 miles) a day! The first leg of the ride consists of downhill terrain, which is a bit hilly, but nothing us ‘amateurs’ can’t handle.

Getting into France however, is another story. It will consist of steep hills and slick roads. Only one race and one person comes to mind - Lance Armstrong! YIKES! I am equally excited and scared to death! I only hope I can finish in one piece! BUT I remind myself, it is for a good cause and that will be my driving force to the finish line!

I chose Children In Crisis (CIC) because I believe that every child deserves the right to an education. CIC was established in the UK in 1993 to give children in the world’s poorest countries the education they need to help transform their lives.

Fact: Worldwide, one in six children are denied an education. That's approximately 72 million children!

At the heart of the CIC is the belief that education is the best possible route out of poverty, bringing hope for a better future for both families and communities.

Education is paramount!

Children in Crisis’ vision is of a world where all children have access to education enabling children to live positive and healthy lives and to contribute to the development of their society.

I will be updating my blog weekly until the ride, then I’ll try to write daily on our progress – Please support, follow and above all else, PASS THIS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS! It should be a lot of fun!

For donations, please click on:

Thank you! Alex Currie

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