London to Paris here we go - Alex Bikes to Paris!

Posted: Jun 10 2010


Well, I have been training since February, after signing up to take part in the big ride from London to Paris on behalf of Children In Crisis – a charity that raises funds and awareness for children’s education all through out Africa.

It’s been a very interesting ride, no pun intended, learning about the bike, how to ride the bike, and how to respect and learn about long haul rides. Just learning how to use the gears properly has been a challenge, but requires every bit of concentration. And clipping in and out of my pedals has been daunting, but something I think I have mastered enough for the journey.

I have my gear packed: padded shorts, gloves, rainproof jacket and pants, clip-in shoes, neoprene shoe covers, Camelbak pack filled with energy bars, energy drink, loads of Vaseline, and finally an outfit for my big celebration dinner once we cross the finish line under the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

I have only been training for a little but feel great and know I will carry on this new found exercise regime. My hat is off to Lance Armstrong, a true inspiration and someone I will think of often especially as we push up the mountain passes!

I am packing my car in a few and will rest up for the big start tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. It’s an early night in and early start on.


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