Miracles Can Happen

Posted: Sep 16 2010

Jack of all trades is what I like to call myself when someone asks what I do. I juggle 3 kids, a business, after school sport activities, kids birthday parties, and volunteering for local communities - so time for me is difficult. Although I try to make it to the gym twice a week and walk everywhere I possibly can, there are still some ‘problem areas’ I have had difficulty shifting since ‘Number 3’ came along.
Achieving the perfect body can seem a bit out of reach and working at it is, well…hard work. I do eat better, drink loads of water, and spend more time with my children rather than playing Bunco with my girlfriends. So, what seems to be my issue? Those darn problem areas that only plastic surgeons have the maps to!
Ladies, there is light at the end of this tunnel. I recently picked up two new products that usually target new and expectant mummies. They relieve discomfort, they repare skin as it stretches, and apart from that, from their all natural ingredients, they massage the skin on the tummy while it grows! So why are these products not promoted to the likes of me? I am not pregnant!
Well, I took a gander and tried them and they have proven to be a miracle! I use them because I am getting results! The first is The Miracle Oil (100ml). Made from Argan oil, rich in Omega 6 and 9, it nourishes, it firms and helps put the elasticity back in your skin while passion-flower and sweet almond oils gently soothe and soften. And it is great at reducing the appearance of healed scars and damaged, uneven skin tone.
I know it’s been a while since I had my last child, but there’s never time like the present. Like a daily routine, I simply massage the oil in first then at night I use the second product, The Body Smoother (190ml) to help re-hydrate those problem areas. Made from a super-nourishing blend of centella, hibiscus, and shea butter, it increases elasticity, boosts moisture and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
As we prepare for winter in the UK and its unpredictable weather, a little square is offering a special deal on both The Miracle Oil and The Body Smoother for you to enjoy for only £25.00 – saving you £3.98!
Try them both, get that miracle working and feel great!

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