• 3 Wooden Trays with Pinterest Idea Link

A Little Square

3 Wooden Trays with Pinterest Idea Link

$ 12.95

Looking for fun things to decorate with your kids or even girlfriends? Well, trays are always a great thing to paint and decorate for home decor or great gifts. Painting and Decoupage are key crafts for this project!

CLICK HERE FOR PINTEREST IDEAS: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=decoupage%20trays

Sold as set of 3 ONLY.

Wooden. Set of 3 trays fit within one another.

Large Tray: 25cmX3.5cmX15cm

Medium Tray: 22cmX3.5cmX13cm

Small Tray: 19cmX3.5cmX11cm

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