Truly, Adorable Lovies...

Posted: Oct 01 2009

Pink Poodle Lovie

A few years ago one of my children received this fantastic little pink poodle lovie by Angeldear with her name embroidered on it. I must say it was one of my favourite gifts she ever got. I named her instantly to be Fifi Pink Poodle. She was pink of course but what made her especially desirable was her pink gingham bows wrapped around her ears, her soft exaggerated brown nose and her little sewn on eyelashes.

Now, since I owned my own company in the UK selling fantastic gifts for infants, children and new mums, I thought this new range would be the perfect addition to my business.

It’s been 4 years since I imported the Angeldear collection and I must say they have been our top sellers to date! We have Leo the Lion, George Giraffe, Tiggy Tiger to name a few. This is my first blog and my website designer asked me to write about the things I love most. Being it my first, I only thought this appropriate to dedicate it to the truly adorable lovies.

To boot, I have heard countless stories about these adorable soft toys – mostly good but some that fall into the ‘hysterical’ category - literally. I have more frantic parents calling for replacements because little Emma left 'Bubby' on the plane! Sympathy is always paid to each and every parent. This is a story that often repeats itself. I do recommend to our customers to purchase three of the same character – one for the car, one for the pram, and one for the crib. This usually covers them, at least for a little while.

Long live the truly adorable lovies!

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