Solving The Identity Crisis's

Posted: Jan 04 2010


As we all know, it’s hard enough going through life trying to pave our own paths, owning every decision we make and keeping track of all of our own ‘bits’.

However, what’s even harder, as a seasoned parent, is trying to find your own child’s belongings after school, in their own ocean of extra ‘bits’. Your actions tend to be swift and thoughtful whilst ensuring you’re not tossing someone else’s child in front of you as you lunge over the desks in hopes of reaching your child’s lost lonely sock in the deep corner! But inevitably, no matter how precautious we are, it happens. We end up with the wrong stuff! How many times have we taken in the wrong items ranging from hats, to scarves, to shoes, to scooters!!!

Well, worry no more! a little square is doing its small ‘bit’ to help parents everywhere - we’re introducing one answer to help. Now featuring a solution to your problems - Owny Rubber Bands. Designed specifically with children in mind - but more for parents’ peace of mind. They are stretchy, durable, and best yet, come in a fabulous variety of bright colours and designs! Choose from hearts to footballs to dinosaurs – there’s something for everyone!

And as our luggage tags do for luggage on those over-packed airport carousel's, spotting your bits now comes just that little bit easier! They are great for scooters, bags, school supplies, collectible fashion bands and even work well as party bag closures – their purposes are endless! And parents can wear them too!

Themes are Diggers, Football, Dinosaur, Skulls, Hearts, Stars, Slippers, and flowers. Measuring approximately 1.5cm wideX18cm round. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Retail £1.25 each or 6 for £6.00

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