Squeaky Clean and Fresh Faces

Posted: Feb 07 2010

Squeaky Clean Hair and Fresh Faces

Like most mothers of families with 1 to a gazillion kids, I have a very busy, hectic social and activity-ridden schedule of school, birthday parties, playdates, afterschool activities, and hair raising park-time usually ending up, as expected, head-to-toe filth!

Our daily cleaning routine ranges from cleaning behind the ears to dodging Nit infestations. It’s all about tackling, prevention and containment. I can’t give myself full credit of keeping tabs on the laundry, but, I will give myself full Kudos to discovering what *celebrity mums, Diane Lane and Brooke Shields, have discovered: The Original Little Sprouts natural hair and skin care collection for children ages 0+. I, like them, SWEAR by it!

One of my daughters has really un-ruly, long, dry, curly hair. Before ‘Sprouts’, as I like to call it, she screamed and ran away when the brush came out. Now, she will sit still and hand it to me.

We use all of the products, but mostly my children are styled with three of the top selling products: The Natural Shampoo, The Deep Conditioner, and The Miracle Detangler – emphasis on ‘Miracle’! The end results are tangle-free, smooth, silky, gorgeous locks, camera ready for any close-up.

For mother’s peace of mind, this is an organic hair and skin care collection. Sprouts is hormone and chemical free. There are no added essential citrus oils, are free of insect attractors such as honey, soda & fruit fragrances, and are vegetarian and vegan approved.

But my peace of mind came to our daily morning routines when she handed me the Detangler on her own. Pure joy and resolve! The Natural Shampoo’s added benefit contains organic rosemary and basil, which can help repel against lice and insects. And from what I can see, we have been Nit-free for 4 years - and that’s no joke!

A little square is a believer in this collection and hope you will give it a go. Once tried, you’re hooked, and no going back to any of those commercial You-Know-Who’s!

And to jumpstart this new way of cleaning style, a little square is introducing 2 new deals to its customers:

Squeaky Clean Bundle:

- The Natural Shampoo 354ml reg. £12.95
- The Deep Conditioner 354ml reg. £13.95
- The Large Miracle Detangler 354ml reg. £16.95

NOW ALL FOR £38.00!
(SAVINGS £5.85)

The Original Little Sprouts Loyalty Card:
Sign up and celebrate your new Sprouts discovery with a little square’s “The Original Little Sprouts Loyalty Card”. Buy 6 full priced items and get The Natural Shampoo FREE after final purchase. A little square keeps purchases on record in main office and does not sell information to any parties. Must read through and agree to the Loyalty Card’s Terms and conditions to receive free shampoo.

*Celebrities Mums include Diane Lane, Brooke Shields, Deborah Messing, and Cindy Crawford

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