Week 1: It's A Bum Wrap

Posted: Mar 04 2010

Week 1: It’s A Bum Wrap

Today, I am officially starting my blog for my training towards the big ride to Paris. It’s called ‘Training Days’ and we hope you’ll follow, pass it along to friends as well as enjoy!

Wednesday: 3rd March

Boy does my BUM HURT! Getting used to the bike saddle is one thing and sitting for lengthy periods of time is another. But, what I found out today, is what any experienced cyclist already knows: equipment is key and the right saddle, shoes and bike shorts are more than just accessories but essential tools to succeed!

Now, I know that! And for those of you who have already sponsored me, or are considering sponsoring me, please, don’t worry! I can handle this. I am just working out the bumps in the road for the moment.

My trainer, Brian, is hooking me up with what I need to get my ass in gear! Pardon the expression, but Brian’s motivations are clear and encouraging. He loves to see his clients achieve challenging goals at least once a year, especially anyone over 40 years of age! As for Brian, he’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 7 times!!!! He is an expert when it comes to mental strength and endurance, so he knows how to get this girl into shape and ready!

Another key part of this training, it seems obvious, is nutrition. I have this saying to keep me in check whenever I feel my addictive personality starting to kick in and I see that chocolate bar thinking it has a free-hall pass:

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!”

It’s all about moderation and a little (more) restraint. I am no longer going out 3-5 times a week, I have cut that down to 1-2 times on the weekend. And the red wine is (almost) no longer part of my diet – just vodka, water and fresh lime juice – try it! What does Bethhenny from The Real Housewives of New York drink - the ‘Skinny Girl’s Margarita’? Well, try this one, it’s less fussy, delicious, and this is my Lime-Aid! Free of preservatives, no sugar or colours added!

And yesterday, I got a notice in my e-mail from ‘Just Giving’ notifying me of a donation. I must say, I am even more inspired as I received the biggest donation to my charity to date – that of £1,000 from a private donor! I am so excited and now am feeling the pressure to perform!

I am off to buy my padded shorts, my shoes, and a new saddle at Cycle Surgery – what do they say? Oh, yes, it’s a Bum Wrap!

Remember to sponsor me in the big ride! Click on the link below:


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