Reaching for the SKYCO

Posted: Oct 17 2010

I have lived in London with my family for over 7 years and we have enjoyed every thing that it has to offer. The Parks, the architecture, the restaurants and fashion, the schools, the day-in-and-day out living, even the Cabbies are fabulous. Although I consider myself a die-hard Londonite, I do miss an occasional bag of American goodies - bring on the Pop Tarts PLEASE!

Searching for American food was a bit daunting a few years ago, but after much research through friends and the internet, I finally found a few internet businesses and even small boutique stores, that carry the likes of Lucky Charms to Kraft Mac&Cheese even Kosher Pickles! I feel like I am right at home…only 3000 miles away!

I am a huge supporter of small businesses across the UK and prefer to buy through them rather than the larger giants that seem to squash them as quickly as they come out! However, the ones I mention below have stood strong and proven they can withstand the storm!

One company I like in particular is Skyco. They are a small, family run business importing goods from all over the United States. They are friendly, very professional, quick, and turn your orders around faster than you can say VelveetaSkyco also participates in many of the charity Christmas Fairs across London, visiting popular neighbourhoods through out, making sure we get our fix of  Dr PepperTootsie Rollsand even A1 Steaksauce before the holidays! Just call Jean, she'll hook you up!

There are the larger grocery chain stores, like Waitrose and Sainsbury that carry Kraft Mac&Cheese, Aunt Jemima's Pancake Mix and Pancake Syrup, but not the small treats you may have grown up loving like ButterfingersPepperidge Farm's Goldfish even Stove Top Stuffing! Even Costco has what we need over here, only it comes in massive bulk, which at the end of the day, you have to figure what's more important, space or food?

Even if you are not American, these businesses have many a goody that would be great to introduce to your family, i.e. Wholegrain Cheerios, in the Yellow Box, which have absolutely no sugar! It's great for beginner-eaters too!

And coming next week, my sisters and I have a few fantastic easy recipes to follow of yummy dips and casseroles for parties and the whole family! Our first recipe to share will be Tex-Mex Queso, most ingredients for this dip are found between Skyco and Sainsbury, we'll specify which in the instructions. Don't miss it, my husband swears by this one!

Watch for the 'Fabulous Recipes' category.

Please come back to find out more!

Here are a few other best kept secrets I'd like to share. Shop and eat well!

Internet: (full range) (full range) (full range) (full range) (sweets) (full range, BULK BUYS ONLY)


Tom's Deli (Nottinghill, limited variety)

Waitrose (limited variety)

Sainsbury (limited variety)

Costco (Watford, BULK BUYS ONLY)

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