A Very Little Catalogue Indeed!

Posted: Nov 04 2009

Catalogue front for blog

Proud to introduce our very first catalogue! A Little Square s catalogue has just been released yesterday, November 3, 2009, and is filled with fabulous new gift ideas for the holiday season.

From my personal journey of moving to London, to starting an at-home business from scratch, and pouring my creativity into everything I do—I am thrilled to finally release this catalogue to all of you!

A Little Square’s first catalogue is the product of four years of anticipation, excitement, motivation and nerves to release something tangible, colorful and lively for my customer base. I have spent these years building up my business in Kensington while attending charity events and in the process have met so many remarkable women all over the UK while doing so. My customers and children have inspired me to tackle the daunting task of a catalogue release, but the task was well worth it!

Since opening, A Little Square prides itself on offering collections not offered throughout Europe—namely our bows and headbands. The palette is exclusive to us with specific school colours for uniforms to holidays—take a look and make your match!

This catalogue is a mum’s no-fail guide for filling up Christmas stockings with excitement this season. Most popular items and stocking stuffer ideas featured are the: Pink Ribbon Watches, with eleven interchangeable ribbons; Dear Santa, I can explain…Long Sleeved T-Shirt; Huggy Buddies, baby animal blankets; and First Tooth Boxes for the tooth fairy to discover. There are even fabulous Mili b polka dot knickers for our Yummy Mummies—there’s something for everyone!

I hope to bring the warmth and cheer of the holiday season closer to everyone with this winter catalogue. Many thanks to those who have inspired me and helped me create a final product. To me this catalogue only marks the beginning of A Little Square’s journey. As a small business owner, I am continually looking into the future. What could be next… a retail store?

To place an order with us follow the simple registration directions on our website, assign a password, and you are all set. If you prefer to speak to one of our team members please call 0207 837 7532 and we’ll take care of you!

We hope you enjoy the catalogue and the 10% discount everyone receives on the first order!